The Tabitha Project is the charitable giving division of Petsncharge LLC.

Inspiration From The Tiniest Kitten


During a Spring 2019 Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) session at a large Bronx colony, a routine check of the outdoor feral cat shelters revealed that most were soggy and tattered after less than one season.

Inside one of these decaying shelters was a heartbreaking scene: five deceased kittens. Our hearts sank until moments later when a tiny head popped up from a dark back corner of the shelter. It took us about fifteen minutes to dismantle the makeshift shelter which consisted of a styrofoam cooler wrapped in plastic and tape with only one small access hole. Eyes still closed and covered in fleas, the wee calico kitten was rescued in the nick of time and rushed to the vet.

This tiny survivor, who we named Tabitha, provided us with a ray of hope on an otherwise dark day. While bottle-feeding her later that evening, we decided that we could do better for outdoor colony cats and their dedicated caretakers. Inspired by Tabitha’s rescue, our founder designed and built a sturdy weather-proof shelter that is easy to access for emergencies, cleaning and seasonal re-stocking. Made of materials that will withstand the elements for many years, our durable shelters have two points of egress for safety and snap-in flaps for the winter season.

It is our hope to save more lives with these shelters.

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