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In addition to having a safe dry space, community cats need to be fed regularly. The reality is that most individuals and small organizations who manage community cat colonies are in dire need of food donations. It’s not at all unusual that these dedicated caretakers are paying for cat food out of their own pocket, often prioritizing the cats’ food needs over their own.

In response to this need, we have launched Phase Two of The Tabitha Project, which entails creating a food bank for community cats in order to take at least some of the financial burden off the caretakers. Anyone in the New York city metro region can apply for assistance from the food bank via our simple application form.

For the initial launch of Tabitha’s Pantry, we took advantage of deep discounts around the holidays and stocked up on wet and dry food which we have distributed to many TNR and rescue groups around the city.

In order to grow this program and expand our reach, we are encouraging companies and pet food brands to partner with us by providing food donations or discounted bulk pricing. In return, we will happily promote our sponsors by placing their logos on our website as well as tagging and mentioning them on various social media platforms. Contact us.

If you have previously submitted an application and received food from the pantry then please use the members form to submit another request. Registration required.
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