Pantry Database List

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First NameGroup Or Organization NameCityPickup LocationPickup Date:Initial Food Items
Lisa Brooklyn South Brooklyn June 17, 2020 One 120qt shelter, 2 bags of Sportmix (15lb)
Ruth N/A Brooklyn South Brooklyn August 19, 2020 Two 13lb bags of 9 Lives dry food
Damien BX South Bronx May 4, 2020 Two large bags of dry food and five cases of wetfood.
Ellen Billy's Loving Cats, Inc. Queens South Bronx August 23, 2020 Five bags of dry food and 2 cases of wet food
Max Little Wanderers BX South Bronx Three large bags of dry food and 4 cases(12 cans per case) of wet.
Anna Brooklyn South Bronx six cases of wet food (various)
Iwona Brooklyn South Bronx Four bags of dry and two cases of wet food
Jeanette Bronx South Bronx July 22, 2020 Four bags of dry food and 3 cases of wet.
Miriam Little Wanderers Manhattan South Bronx March 19, 2020 2 large bags of dry food and 6 cases of wet food.
Lucia New Jersey South Bronx July 12, 0200 Four large bags of dry food and two cases of wetfood
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